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eTrex Land Release

DaTrex proudly presents eTrex Land Release ... unofficial firmware version for Garmin-eTrex.

Why: The set of 29 land marks built in eTrex for mapping purposes is (by my opinion) not so good. I understand the Garmin developers ... there is something for everyody - bit for pilots, bit for mariners, bit for turists, but finaly not useful for anybody.

- "eTrex Land Release" brings you a concretized set of land marks for outdoor and trekking usage. The set is based on standard marks used on hiking maps in central Europe. Some were left as are (old eTrex) but 18 new marks are presented.
- Based on standard eTrex firmware version 2.09 / 2.05
- Some new logo and design art.
- Parch for OziExplorer for working with new marks

New mark set:
swamp, bridge, rock, church, spring, waterfall, mine, park place, shelter, natural sight, crossing, summit, cave, tower, flag, train station, turn/exit, castle-ruin

- eTrex Land Release 1.2 firmware download
(based on 2.10 firmware).
- eTrex Land Release 1.1 firmware download
(based on 2.09 firmware).
- eTrex Land Release 1.0 firmware download
(based on 2.05 firmware).

Related projects:
- Mountain Biker's flawour another waypoint mark set created by Ido Bar-Tana. Based on LandRelease hacker's kit 1.2 (follows).

- OziExplorer 3.85.2 patch for using new marks in your maps
- OziExplorer 3.82e patch ....
or download patched .exe file: OziExplorer 3.85.2(1.3MB)

Warning: These are NOT cracks! Shareware registration and demo-limitations are not beaten. Respect to author!

Developer's corner:
- eTrex hacker's kit be careful - not for lamers!
- [old kit] for 2.09 firmware (historical)

Note: Read the README files in each package for instructions and details.
Disclaimer: Use these files on your own risk. If their usage cause some damage of your eTrex, belive me, It will make me sad, but that's the only thing, I could do. I will not take any kind of responsibility.

Made by DaTrex 2000, Contact: datrex@atlas.cz