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This page is ultimate waypoint resource. Only comprehensive and useful collections could appear here. Focused on Europe (Central europe)....

Austria 7800 - Waypoint+
Germany 7000 (by states) - Excel table - Waypoint+
Germany 21000 - Excel table - Waypoint+
Italy 8000 - Excel table - Waypoint+

Of course, any additions or new collections are welcome. But no fake! Archives like "10 waypoints form London" aren't useful at all. Full state's town listings, or good mapping projects of mountain and land areas are desirable. If you have some, contact daTrex.

Format notice:
The collections are in text format Waypoint+ accepted by OziExplorer (using "import text" feature). Some are available as Excel *.zip sheet, if some additional information is presented. These are considered as best for following processing using macros and custom single-purpose software.

Nima digger project
Nima (www.nima.mil) is public geography-related data resource powered by U.S army. From their database was grabbed huge ammount of waypoint data for further processing and personal navigation usage. Waypoint record contains name, coordinates and type of object (populated area, mountain, etc.) . The table of object-types is available here.

State points RAW text Excel
Austria 31000 * austria.zip austria.zip
Croatia 21000 * croatia.zip croatia.zip
Czechia 18000 czechia.zip czechia.zip
France 74000 * france.zip france.zip 1 , 2
germany 160000 germany.zip germany.zip 1 , 2 , 3
Hungary 23000 * hungary.zip hungary.zip
Nederlands 17000 nederlands.zip nederlands.zip
Poland 48000 poland.zip poland.zip
Slovakia 7000 slovakia.zip slovakia.zip
Slovenia 4000 * slovenia.zip slovenia.zip
Switzerland 4000 switzerland.zip switzerland.zip

Unfortunately, NIMA provides point coordinates in degrees and minutes only (seconds are truncated) ... so the accurancy of point is cca. 2km in Europe.
The sign of red asterix (*) mean, that datafile contains "some" points, with accurancy of seconds. Some Excel files are split - Excel is not able to handle more than 65536 rows in one sheet ;-]
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