The story
eTrex inside
Service mode

eTrex has some features which could be showed by invoking service menu. This hidden screen is used for testing and service purposes by Garmin, therefore is undocumented.

Service mode is displayed when keys "page" and "up" are pushed where powering up the unit.

As a main feature must be noticed internal thermometer (accurancy 1°C). It shows internal temperature of eTrex. It's used for compensation of temperature drift of clock crystal, because the very precious time is needed to know, when tracking GPS sattelites. So note, that value displayed is not outer temperature. But it's near to it and good enough for outdoor usage.

Other interesting values appear in service menu. Information about current status, firmware versions, system's integrity check, current time and many more.... Pressing "page button" you can pass through complete display check and functions of all buttons could be tested using icons in bottom part of screen.

Pressing "up"+"enter"+"on/off" keys in service mode will reset the eTrex to factory defaults. So, all pressets and data will be lost.

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