The story
eTrex inside
The Story

        There are many, many things, who tourists, trekkers and other outdoor people wear with them. Todays outdoor gear is full of elecronic, new materials and living in wild nature comes from "the art of staying alive" into a question of technology. It's not the way I and many other people want to go on their trips.
        The old style trapper doesn't need any of these things. He has only the minimum, that allows him to survive...and every piece in his bag he knows, as a part of his body, he loves it, and gives it a part of his soul.

Finally, i thing,
... eTrex is not only a box of plastic and wires. It has some very strange kind of magic. It may become as a part of your (and my) old-style trapping bag. It will take a bit of spirit of your joureys during the time, like jour knife, old leather shoes and wooden talisman.

     Good luck on your trails....                 DaTrex

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